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1. General guidelines
1.1. The following item buying&selling Terms and Conditions (thereainafter reffered as Terms) are compulsory legislation document for both Parties. This document describes rights and duties of Purchaser and Seller, and Purchaser‘s responsibility during the process of obtaining goods from this e-shop.
1.2. Seller reserves the right to change, revise or supplement these Terms, regarding to legislative requirements. Purchaser is informed about the changes in e-shop webpage. Terms valid at the moment of making an order are applied for the purchase.
1.3. The service is available for:
1.3.1. natural persons, who are capable, i.e. are of the age of consent and whose active legal capacity is not restricted by the judicial decision;
1.3.2 14 to 18 year-old under-ages having parental or legal guardian permission, except for the circumstances when personal incomes are being disposed;
1.3.3. legal persons;
1.3.4. representatives of all the persons mentioned.
1.4. While confirming the Terms, the Seller gives a guarantee that, according to 1.3., the Purchaser obtains the right to buy goods in e-shop.
1.5. An agreement between the Purchaser and the Seller is considered valid from the moment, when the Purchaser clicks „Confirm an order“ (q.v. 4. Ordering, prices, payment and terms) after forming the basket, providing delivery address, choosing payment type and reading the Terms.
1.6. Seller is not responsible and do not cover the loss which was incurred due to the disregard of Terms provided for the Purchaser.
2. Purchaser’s rights and responsibilities
2.1. Purchaser has the right to buy items from e-shop according to the legislations provided in these Terms and in other informational sections of this webpage.
2.2. Purchaser must provide the registration form with required data.
2.3. If provided data is being changed, the Purchaser must update the information promptly.
2.4. Purchaser commits not to reveal personal login details for the third parties. In case of losing the login data, Purchaser has to inform the Seller about this problem immeditely.
3. Seller’s rights and responsibilities
3.1. Seller commits to allow Purchaser to properly use the services of e-shop.
3.2. If the Purchaser does harm to e-shop’s stability and safety or in some way breaks his responsibilities, the Seller can restrict or suspend Purchaser’s right to use the service. Under exceptional circumstances the Seller can delete Purchaser’s account.
3.3. The Seller commits to respect Purchaser’s privacy rights to his personal information, provided in the registration form.
3.4. The Seller commits to deliver Purchaser’s order directly to the given address. Delivery expenses have to be paid by the Purchaser regarding to the delivery price given in the webpage.
4. Ordering, prices, payment and terms
4.1. E-shop service is available 24/7.
4.2. An agreement between the Purchaser and the Seller is considered valid from the moment, when the Purchaser clicks „Confirm an order“ and the Seller conforms the order, i.e. sends the confirmation letter to Purchaser’s e-mail.
4.3. The prices are quoted in Lithuanian litas (LTL).
4.4. Purchaser can pay for items using one of the following options:
4.4.1. by electronic banking – is a way of advance payment, using Purchaser’s e-banking system. If Purchaser wants to use this payment method, he must have a signed agreement on e-banking with one of the following banks: „Medicinos bankas“, SEB Bank, AB „Swedbank“, „DNB“ bank, „Citadelė bank“, „Danske bank“, „Šiaulių bankas“, or „Nordea bank“. Purchaser tranfers money to the current account of www.mokejimai.lt system. All data safety issues in this case are in responsibility of the bank because all the money transactions are being made in e-banking system.
4.4.2. by credit card with PayPal account. When making a payment, choose „PayPal“ and You will be redirected to payment window.
4.4.3. by „VISA“ and „MaterCard“ credit cards.
4.5. Purchaser commits to pay for goods immediately. The order is transferred to be produced only after receiving payment.
4.6. Delivery charge is not included.
5. Delivery
5.1. If Purchaser chooses the delivery service, he obligates to enter the correct delivery address.
5.2. Purchaser commits to take the delivery personally. In case of disability to take the delivery on his own and the goods are being delivered to named address, Purchaser has no right to make a claim about the delivery for an inappropriate person.
5.3. Goods are delivered by a Seller or his authorized person, i.e. courier from JSC  „Venipak LT“.
5.4. The goods are delivered directly to the Purchaser in 1–2 days after the production is made. This term is determined tentatively as the delivery can arrive behind the schedule if the courier runs into difficulties while trying to contact the Purchaser. Accordingly, the Purchaser accepts that the delivery may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the Seller.
5.5. In all cases, Seller is exempted from responsibility for breach of delivery terms if the goods to the Purchaser are not delivered or delivery term is delayed due to Purchaser’s fault or due to circumstances beyond the Seller.
5.6. The Purchaser must inform the Seller immediately if the package is damaged, if it contains unsolicited goods or if the quantity is inadequate.
5.7. Goods can be delivered only within the territory of Lithuania.
5.8. Delivery charges within the territory of Lithuania depends on the weight of the load. You can check the prices while ordering items.
6. Quality of goods and guarantees
6.1. Data for each item is indicated in the item description.
6.2. The Seller is not responsible if product color, shape or other parameters in product desciption do not match actual size, shape or color due to the display properties.
7. Marketing and information
7.1. Seller may initiate sales or promotions at the e-store at his own discretion.
7.2. Seller has the right to change the terms of sales and promotions, as well as eliminate them without prior notice. All changes in sales or promotions conditions and procedures or withdrawal only takes effect onwards.
7.3. Seller sends all the messages to the Purchaser using means of communication referred in the registration form.
7.4. All messages, questions and inquiries should be sent to the referred phone numbers and e-mail addresses in the „Contacts“.
7.5. Seller is not responsible if the Purchaser does not get informational or confirmation letters due to Internet connection, e-mail service or other network problems.
8. Final statements
8.1. These item buying&selling Terms have been defined in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and legal acts.
8.2. All disagreements arisen in respect of obeying these Terms shall be solved by negotiation. If negotiation is failed, agreement shall be reached according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. In this case, litigations are being proceeded under Seller’s address of residence.
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