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Klasikinės vizitinės kortelės

Klasikinės vizitinės kortelės

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There is nothing better than classics. If You need perfect looking business card, which will reach You in 48 hours, then You came to the right place!

Classic business cards

Represent Your company’s image by handing Your solid classic business card to the client. You can choose Your favorite template from existing ones but to be unique, try many variations of styles, fonts, colors and positions. Classic business card will become an extraordinary attribute if You add an image, photo or the QR code. Or maybe You know any accurate quote by famous philosopher expressing Your company‘s ideas?
Classic business cards are printed on 330gsm Ivory Board paper. Their standard size is 90x50mm. Business card will last longer if You choose rounded edges. Editing the design by yourself You‘ll save lots of money and time!
Classic business cards are very simple but convenient, economic and, the most important, effective way to remind about You for the clients and partners. It‘s time for renewal!

Produkto ir gamybos kainos

Rounded corners:

Production & delivery

We assure that classic cards will reach You in a shortest time that is possible. The production starts immediately after we accept the order and takes 2-3 workdays to be produced.
Your products will be sent directly to the address You provided in the ordering form. The package will reach You in 3-4 days after the order was accepted.
Other conditions
Please pay attention: depending on Your screen specifications, color tones on the product and in the screen can differ a little. Min amount for an order: 100 unt. 330 gsm Ivory Board paper is used in production.

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